Chloe Mei-li Bundt

  A full-time citizen of the internet, Chloe has been occupying broadcasting and performance-based industries for as long as they can remember. Growing up first as a model, then eSports commentator/caster, video game livestreamer, novelist, and--inbetween--a fine-dining server, it's safe to say they've more than dabbled in a myriad of social-based, creative, and performance-oriented arenas. With family spread across various international borders, this has not only given Chloe a well-rounded perspective of the world but also, some really interesting reads.

 Chloe is keenly aware of the value of clear communication and expectations, and how a personal touch can add to a professional relationship. Additionally, as an avid consumer of video games, and various TV shows, they also are incredibly well-practiced at mimicry and have a deep understanding for context in text-based dialogue. Their specialties range from children voices to compelling character reads, and they excel in cold reads, animated and playful voices, genderless/androgynous characters, grounded, rural, or gritty vibes, and youthful-sounding voices in particular.

 Chloe is LGBTQ+ and biracial, and is particularly interested in projects that support equality and diversity.

 Their voice profile has been described as: Bright, Engaging, Fun, Warm, Feminine, Calming, Real, Believable, Upbeat, Sultry, Humorous, Grounded, Androgynous, Exciting, Natural, Playful, Clear, and Conversational.


Commercial Demo

Character Reel

Studio Setup:

Mic: High-Output Roswell Mini K87

Sound Treatment: ISOVOX 2

Preamp: Vocaster One

Source Connect Ready, 1Gbps Upload and Download Internet Speeds

Studio Sample:

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Interactive & Animation

Jing Wei - Dislyte (Mobile Game)

Jing Wei - Dislyte

Esme - Stream or Die

Esme - Stream or Die

Nina - Deceit 2

Nina - Deceit 2

Jubilee - Marvel Snap (Mobile Game)

Jubilee - Marvel Snap

Millenia - Gales of Nayeli

Millenia - Gales of Nayeli

Alice - ScreenPlay

Alice - ScreenPlay

Lelani - Beach Buggy Racing

Lelani - Beach Buggy Racing

Lindsey - Clam Man 2: Headliner (RPG)

Lindsey - Clam Man 2: Headliner

Mey Chen - Evelynne Doom (Animation)

Mey Chen - Evelynne Doom

Mina - Alariel's Blessing (JRPG)

Mina - Alariel's Blessing

Tropica - Santé et & Tropica

Tropica - Santé et & Tropica

Arim - The Grand Mafia

Arim - The Grand Mafia


Rosa - Travel Oregon

Seize the DEINDE

Lamborghini Lanzador - Debut Announcement

Bo - Disney Junior's Firebuds

Hello Kitty Island Adventure - Announcement Trailer

CITA Distracted Driving Radio Ad

Ulster County Political Ad


Deceit 2 Free-to-Play Launch Trailer - Nina

Stream Or Die! Gameplay Trailer - Esme

Yu Xu - Dislyte Character Profile


Santé et Tropica - Pilot

Beach Buggy Adventures - Pilot


Stellar Blade - The Journey: Part 2 (Behind The Scenes) - English Dub

TVH: Global Career Architecture

MoneyGram Presentation

Signs a Relationship is Ending - Psych2Go Stories

How a Narcissist Broke My Heart

Introduction to Wynyard


The Mind of a Narcissist - Psych2Go Stories

Signs Your Intuition Is Helping You Prevent Regret or Death